Prickly pear

Huile de pépins de figue de barbarie tunisienne - Nouvelle source de beauté

Tunisian organic cactus seed oil - A new source of beauty

Témoignage de Nakhli Boughdiri - BIOZELFEN

Témoignage de Intissar Mnassri – BIOTHALA

Témoignage de Rachdi Bannani - ANADEC Nopal Tunisie

Interview with Nakhli Boughdiri - BIOZELFENE (ENG)

Interview with Intissar Mnassri – BIO THALA (ENG)

Interview with Rachdi Bannani - ANADEC NOPAL (ENG)

Témoignage de Maroua Ben Ali - HERBEOS

Témoignage de Zied Ben Selma - BIO ORIENT

Témoignage de Lobna Dems - NAKAWA BIO

Interview with Maroua Ben Ali - HERBEOS (ENG)

Interview with Zied Ben Selma - BIO ORIENT (ENG)

Interview with Lobn Dems - NAKAWA (ENG)

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