Pilot Region 1

The implementation of the national strategy for the promotion of local food products and the organization of regional initiatives to promote local flagship products must be developed in parallel. The success and credibility of the national strategy depend on the degree of differentiation achieved by each of the flagship products and their “unique and inimitable” regions of origin. The flagship products of each region can be grouped together to create baskets of goods; this allows more effective marketing and increased visibility, thus facilitating better positioning in the markets.

In the framework of the PAMPAT 2 project, local actors will be supported in two pilot regions to develop and implement territorial marketing plans, which will include the following components:

Les produits phares de chaque région peuvent constituer un panier de biens qui permet un marketing plus efficace et une visibilité accrue, facilitant ainsi un meilleur positionnement sur les marchés.

Les acteurs locaux seront appuyés  dans deux régions pilote pour développer et mettre en œuvre des plans de marketing territorial avec les axes suivantes:

  • Improving production, processing and exports of flagship products
  • Diversifying the offer of agrofood and cosmetic products linked to the flagship products
  • Supporting local entrepreneurship around flagship products
  • Promotion of agrotourism through thematic tourist tours around the flagship product
  • Promotion of the flagship product in the local gastronomy and hospitality sector
  • Organization of cultural activities and festivals around the flagship product
  • Organization of cultural activities and festivals around the flagship product Positioning the flagship product in local retail shops
  • Promotion of the creative theme related to the flagship product in the handicrafts sector

Project for Market Access of Typical Agrofood Products (PAMPAT Tunisia) funded by the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs of the Swiss Confederation (SECO) and implemented by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) in close cooperation with the Ministry of Economy, Finances and Investment Support, the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining and the Ministry of Agriculture, Hydraulic Ressources and Fisheries.

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