Tunisian Contest of Typical Food Products

The third edition of the Tunisian Contest of Typical Food Products will be held in 2021. This event is organized by the Agricultural Investment Promotion Agency (APIA) under the Ministry of Agriculture and in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Tourism and Handicrafts and the City of Science of Tunis. The organization of the first editions of the Tunisian Contest of Typical Food Products has been supported by PAMPAT 1 (for more information click here).

From the beginning, the Contest was considered by Tunisian institutions as a starting point to put typical food products and their regions of origin into the spotlight. It has also laid the foundations for the development of the national strategy for the promotion of local food products.

The methodology of the Tunisian Contest draws its inspiration from the Swiss Local Food Competition. This event served also as a model for the set-up of the Moroccan Contest, which was supported by UNIDO and the Interjurassic Rural Foundation (FRI).

Today, the Tunisian Contest has in turn become a model to be followed.

Representatives from six countries South Africa, Ghana, Egypt, Serbia, Georgia and Ukraine participated in the 2nd edition of the Contest in June 2019 to draw inspiration from the Tunisian experience. Since then, two countries have made good progress towards setting up their own Competitions with the support of PAMPAT 2. Egypt and Georgia have already prepared their national mappings of typical food products and are now planning the organization of the first edition of their respective Contests.

Tunisia has accumulated in a short period of time a vast experience in promoting local products and has been able to develop several success stories, which serve as an example for other countries. Recently, Tunisia has become together with Switzerland and Morocco a founding member of the International Contests Network; an initiative that will help promote Tunisian regional products internationally.

Depuis, deux pays ont bien avancé dans la voie vers la mise en place de leurs propres Concours avec l’appui du PAMPAT 2. L’Egypte et la Géorgie ont déjà élaboré comme premier pas leurs inventaires nationaux des produits de terroir et se préparent pour l’organisation de la première édition de leurs Concours respectifs.

La Tunisie a accumulé en peu de temps une grande expérience en matière de valorisation de produits de terroir et a su développer toute une série de cas de succès qui permettent désormais de montrer la voie à d’autres pays. Récemment, la Tunisie est devenu membre fondateur du Réseau International des Concours des Produits de Terroir ensemble avec la Suisse et le Maroc; une initiative qui contribuera davantage au rayonnement des produits de terroir tunisiens à l’international.


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