Mapping of typical products

Even though Tunisia has a very rich agricultural and agrifood heritage, a consolidated list of this wealth did not exist until recently. Thus, in 2016 the Agricultural Investment Promotion Agency (APIA) in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry Industry and with the support of PAMPAT 1, launched a process to identify Tunisia’s most representative and unique food products. Participatory workshops in the South, the Center and the North of the country were organized to compile and validate a list of Tunisian local food products.

Over 200 representatives from the public and private sectors as well as independent researchers and experts contributed to the preparation of the first mapping of typical food products that covered the country’s 24 governorates.

Following initial field research, 415 potential products were identified, but only half of them were included in the final list after passing a meticulous screening process based on four criteria:

  • Typicity
  • Territorial embedding
  • Historical embedding
  • Link to local know-how and local culture

220 typical local food products were included in the final mapping document. The list has now become a reference document for the Ministry of Agriculture.

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